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Ringmer Natural Health Clinic, a multi-disciplinary, mainly musculo-skeletal clinic.

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We are proudly a family business which has been established since 1985. We have an outstanding reputation as one of the leading local providers in Ringmer of physiotherapy, massage therapy, sports injury treatment, psychotherapy & counselling and other similar treatments.

Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping Disorders Treatment in Ringmer

Quality and quantity of sleep and the sleep “pattern” is important throughout life and especially during childhood. If a child does not sleep well or does not get enough sleep, development, social interaction and learning will all suffer significantly and noticeably.

Cranial therapy in Ringmer

A gentle form of treatment safe for the treatment of babies and children. Aims to relieve tension that may be causing aches and pains or making it difficult for your baby or child to relax.

Cranial treatment is a very gentle, yet extremely powerful, therapy. While standard manipulation is generally known for its high velocity cracks and crunches, cranial work is so gentle you would barely know you were having it. As the name suggests it involves manipulating the infinitesimal joints of the cranium or skull, known as sutures. Although these sutures are so very tiny, they can become as traumatised or restricted as any joint in the body. The practitioner seeks to ease any abnormalities, gently returning the bones of the cranium to a position of ease and comfort.

During a study on cranial therapy for babies, some parents perceived the following changes in their children’s behaviour: reduced colicky crying, improved sleep, less unsettled irritable behaviour and increased quiet happy spells.

Sleepless nights can test a parent’s patience and endurance to the limit so why struggle on if there may be help available? Do not feel inadequate or guilty about your child’s sleepless nights. Parents whose baby sleeps through the night from early on with no training are just lucky!

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