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Ringmer Natural Health Clinic, a multi-disciplinary, mainly musculo-skeletal clinic.

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John Degenhardt-Cove

Muscular Skeletal Medicine

We are proudly a family business which has been established since 1985. We have an outstanding reputation as one of the leading local providers in Ringmer of physiotherapy, massage therapy, sports injury treatment, psychotherapy & counselling and other similar treatments.


Jon Degenhardt    PhD  Nat Med      Therapeutic Sports Massage & Manipulation Practitioner

Using all types of massage from deep tissue to light relaxing styles a range of problems can be eased.

Back and neck pains respond well to sports massage that can ease the spasms in the muscles that cause the pains.

Arthritic joints can be massaged giving great relief.

Many sports injuries are damage to muscles and other soft tissues that can heal more quickly and completely with therapeutic massage.

Jon has had his services employed by professionals from football, American football, Judo and swimming.

Massage drains away toxins that can assist the immune system stimulating health generally and increases circulation that aids recovery from injury, breaks down scar tissue that forms around damaged tissue areas, and stimulates the release of numbers of beneficial hormones for wellbeing and health.

Relaxing massage can ease away damaging stress and tension releasing an improved positive energy



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